revelling in our virility…….

Fun cinemas at the HUB….one of the rarer places in Guwahati wherein the magic of the concrete jungle that is Delhi can be relived……
what brought me and a friend there was a choice….that of either being entertained by Vidya Balan with Ajay Devgan accompanying her in bollywod’s latesht…Halla Bol….or watching an aging man trying to fight to stay alive in Rambo 4….well the former choice prevailed and fun cinems it was……
The movie turned out to be a real entertainer with a brilliant storyline and awesome performances….for instance the scene wherein Vidya Balan smiled her smile and played with her hair while ajay devgan uttered some stuff about …..well something……and the scene where Vidya stood under the banyan tree with her innocent eyes full of hope…looking up to Devgan who uttered some stuff about….well something….
anyhow…..1 movie..2 jumbo combo’s of popcorn and pepsi and 3 separate pepsi’s and 1 trip to the bathroom later….we finally made our exit from fun cinemas and arrived upon the streets of Gu wah of T (sorry….but i love saying that!).
Well revelling in our virility, we decided to walk down the 30 km distance back till IIT and hence create an “oh..remember that night” occasion…. but 10 minutes later as a bus crossed our path the option of climbing it was way too tempting and it seemingly overrode our admirable aspirations….
so there we were in the bus…..the night seeping in through the window, accompanied by a cool breeze brisking across my hair…blissfully travelling ….until the darkness of the night was abruptly disrupted by the sick yellow of a bulb….followed by an even more sudden glas shattering….the driver’s side view mirror was shattered….then the wind shield crashed and cracked……….through my window were then visible to me, men with lathis…… and through the chaos and desperate attempts of our fellow passengers to exit, a couple of lucid moments emerged through which it was understood that our bus had apparently bumped another and in doing so angered its conductor…..
but 10 or more conductors with lathis and turbans?? and wrecking a bus in revenge of a slight bump and scratch??
well i did stick on till the bus emptied and got wrecked further…partly because of the enthusiasm for making a difference to society that Halla Bol had infused into me, by coming to the rescue of the driver!!…..and partly in the hope that the 3 rupees ka ticket vasool ho jaye….
but as the window adjacent to mine smashed as well…..i realised that with that last blow i’d received more than my money’s worth! 😐
so off i hopped and became a part of the crowd…..a part of the onlookers….looking at the driver bleeding from his head clasped in his hands….and suddenly….’revelling in our virility’ ..seemed to be a distant dream….
so one video of a bus being wrecked later….we walked back and during that long walk of the short remaining distance…vidya balan’s smile seemed to fade a tad bit and Devgan’s actions finally came into prominence….but only this time… left an impact….

PS:who says gu wah of T aint a happening city? πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “revelling in our virility…….

  1. u finally came! and how!

    hey bhaiya, nice article…funny innit, how we see an inspiring movie, and get all charged up, only to go back to ignorance the moment we get a chance to prove our worth!

    btw, vidya balan’s smile…took my heart away!

    c u around…

  2. preposterous!!!!
    rambo aint an old man… he’s an ancient man by now… he was old in Rocky 5 or 6 or whatever it was…….
    oh… and abt the article… nice work pal!!! Paisa Vasool!
    “I LOVE gu wah of T”

  3. FUNNY! (as usual) i hope writing this made u realise ur NOT god gift’s to mankind πŸ˜€
    Nice one! i hope to see more and therefore inspire ME to write more-er! go watch more halla bols and the pinky shows! oh dont forget to watch flintstones AND popeye AND everything on pogo..WISE wisdom they emit πŸ˜€

  4. you seem to have enjoyed this journey of yours,but never mentioned about the boy with whom you spent that magical 35 seconds..alone!!!! when all that darkness crept by. πŸ˜›
    You ought to be in love!!……………………………..with that boy ;D
    PS:figures are from reliable source

  5. aaaaah meeth-oda …..its over now between me and him…the 35 secs made me realize his true shades of yellow… πŸ™‚

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