First time at line 7….the parisian time machine….

With the peaceful easy feeling in my ears as the eagles playlist carried on through my earphones….I strode on to the platform waiting on line 7 for the metro to arrive at Place Monge and carry me away till la defense…with the cool summer breeze accompanying the metro through the tunnel, I waited along with the other early risers of Paris, to get to our varied destinations. If the city were to be described in a sentence… the most apt I’ve heard yet shall have to be “Its where the centuries meet”.

The heart of Paris seems to revel in its archaism and the French seem to go to great lengths to retain the sense of an older yet modern unspoilt ruin within which a civilization survives and competes with the world at the highest levels….not with cut throat aggression nor political hypocrisy of any sort, but with poise and élan which I feel is portrayed so well through the playboy charmer ,that is, its president. Be it the architectural supremacy boasted upon the doors and balconies of the ordinary households around where I live….or the massive structures that erupt around the most unassuming corners….or the old man playing the mandolin at the metro station while I awaited the train….central Paris and the areas around it, in all its splendor, seems to have kept the 17th century very much alive…

Gar de le\'est....central paris

The metro zipped through the city undergrounds and finally arose in the suburbs of Paris above the river seine…one look at the area around the last stop of the metro and I realised as to why Paris is and shall be what it is….with the tallest buildings with the coolest looks and incredibly ‘fascinating’ ( 🙂 ) women adorning the area….(not just from the ‘geek from the hills’ point of view)…the jaw dropped as the Parisian time machine just seemed to have stopped at the 21st century at its freakin best!……

la defense...suburban paris as they call it....

A days work and play later with Micheal Andrews describing the mad world through my earphones, I walked back with the sunset to my back, toward the metro station to grab my ticket back into the past yet again…..such is the marvel of Paris….and is the reason why Paris is and shall be what it is….The city where the centuries meet”


5 thoughts on “First time at line 7….the parisian time machine….

  1. This is brilliant.. I can’t wait for a chance to go to Europe man.. Paris is the place to be and what lovely descriptions.. If any of them are apt, then I would kill for a trip there.. Nice post, Chatto!

  2. Hi Vik, it’s Sophie, Miniya’s friend. What a great post (except the “playboy charmer” president of ours… 😉 It must be interesting to go everyday from old fashion Place Monge to new design La Défense!

  3. Well chatto …………… a lot of “bhasad(extreme fun)” that we did in Bangalore i was very happy but you took my all happiness……… this is not fare god……….. you will go to hell you asshole [:(]

  4. haha….well you know what they say….the grass is always greener…i’ll bet its beer and bakar all night every night on your side dude… 🙂

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