The longest day of the year…and the world began to shrink…

The 21st of June…longest day of the year…world music day..fete de la musique …and paris was alive….I on the other hand being the over zealous partying animal that I am …slept till 3…

determined(read desperate) to catch SOME action …i left almost immediately(by 9pm) with my sis and Sayem b to look up the city and meet up with some friends of theirs….the lizard bar at Hotel de Ville turned out to be our primary haunt for the night while we were joined by some others…

**So far in my chota sa stint at paris i have NEVER..EVER..come across any indians…well except twice…

1} The saddar family (big big family with a big big love for hair oil with a very very distinctive (read,crap!what on earth?!:O ) smell) in the metro

2) The guy in the small ‘reception box’ beside the door at at the entry of a chinese restaurant who ever so greatfully helped me find charles’ place(it was later revealed the gentleman hailed from Pakistan…but what the heck…its right next door…same difference… 🙂 )

3) Yeah and the 20’ish flower sellers randomly spotted…everywhere here…!


well anyway…as it turned out our group for the night comprised of a panju, 2 mallus, 2 bongs and ALSO our dear French friend…so with that i guess the world had already shrunk enough for the night….so when Priyanka turned out to be our neighbour from my gali cricket days….i wasn’t really THAT surprised….but she remembering us(“the tall one, the shortish one and the upar chhat pe ghoomne wala….” were approximately almost the precise words 🙂 ) and the window breaking too!! well now THAT was a tad too much…!! 😀

the night ensued and the sights and sounds just kept creeping in…( predominantly hiccups ,smoke ,bumps ,the “ouch” ;P and some French guy singing out “baje chudiyan baje kangana” to us… :D)

well the longest day finally seemed to come to a close and the night finally ended at 5 with us leaving for home with ‘the varied spirits’ getting the better of us and the shrunken world finally having partied itself off to sleep… 🙂


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