Blah !

Disregarding the obnoxious morons who consider writing your heart out about your personal opinions about personal issues on blogs by considering it ‘less sophisticated’ or way below the realm of their intellectual palate, I just cant help degrade myself to writing about how indebted I am to some of the closest friends in my life. Friends are an incredibly important feature in my life and for some reason i just consider them to be paramount to everything else. I hate it when there’s a hierarchy to pass through with some people to reach a stage where you can call whenever you wish to, without the formal protocols prefacing each ensuing conversation! You know, the people who’ll be like…”oh back then?! We were just acquaintances! ” and stuff like that…
I hate changes…its like this pesky insect on the dinner table that gets into your plate of life JUST when its full of the best from the edible world (Sausage pizza with extra cheese and pineapple with a hot chocolate fudge by the side) and you’re raring to dig in ! I especially hate change when it’s found inhabiting a close friend. …you know…the one’s with whom, after a lot of effort, you’ve managed to get beyond the “we’re just acquaintances” phase !! Its a weird comfort zone with close friends and losing out on that brings change…i hate it !
Damn that pesky life sucking insect.

I write my blogs not so that people read them and comment upon them…the last thing I wish to do is send in my blog’s URL to everybody on my gtalk contact list, desperately wanting to know whether what I did with the last 5 minutes of my life was worthwhile and makes me a better person or not ! But I write here just to vent off my most absurd thoughts. So if you have an opinion about whatever I write,
a) if its about the grammar or your contrary views upon a certain line, then i really dont care and fervently wish you would die a violent death, so dont bother.
b) if its a light hearted jocular comment about whatever you think my above garble was about…then lemme know sometime, whenever we talk next…as friends….and not ‘acquaintances’ .


One thought on “Blah !

  1. WOw! Rarely do I find people who feel so strongly about friendship like this.. Mostly, my acquaintances talk all gas about friendship, stuff all the cliches in and then forget about it in the long run.. You’ve now compelled me to make a list of the people that I met long back in school, classifying them right now 🙂

    And go easy on the grammar man, simple people also read your blog, maybe I don’t belong to your target population 😛

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