Wavy lows

I know this has happened to you too. If it hasn’t t then you don’t exist.
Everything goes wrong all at once. Yeah. That nadir in the wave of luck, where everything goes wrong.
With me however, the precision in timing that my ill fate has always ensured to maintain has enabled me to realize the exact when-abouts of it’s next strike.
It happens twice.

a) From about a week before my end semester exams (I’m in my fourth year, and am a
student at DOD and this phenomenon still prevails, so no, pressure has
nothing to do with it)
b) Around the 21st of May.

From my fuccha days itself, I began to realize that there was more than one reason to dread the end-sems.
Wallet losing, computer crashing, credit cards going ~poof~, phone (Integral factor in satiating man’s social appetite) in the laundry, multiple major hand cuts {With a saw (Workshop, 2007) , With a cutter (Random design end-sem, 2007) } ..and some other similar results of my end-sem jinx that evade my recollection as of now.
I just lost my debit card….So stack another point up for the end-sem jinx.
So, with my hands safely in my pockets and far from sharp objects for the time being, I realize there’s no fighting it. The wave shall always have its way. Sigh.

PS : Point (b) above was added purely for whatever slight dramatic effect it could manage to bring about 😐


I need an education !

Looking up places people go and the stuff they do…the awesome folk at HP labs and Microsoft Research…The awesome stuff like face recognition and gaze tracking and virtual worlds….The opportunity to be a part of the projects at ETC (http://www.etc.cmu.edu/) is dream-like… So much to learn, so freakin expensive and no one to teach….Four years at IIT-G DOD later, I cant help but just hear myself shout out that “I need an education”.