Summer bummer

An elaborate plan for the summer is as pointless fruitless as trying to ask a Delhi autowala to charge using his shiny meter. As I boarded the flight back home from the hills, I mentally checked my list of things to do. The joy of having an entire summer ahead to accomplish every bullet point on that list was like none other..Finally I would get to complete The Fountainhead (Fat book…small print..Takes time), travel to Leh with friends and go to those places we Googled, get my drum set down from the attic..oil and shine it up.. and again attempt to perfect every song by Guy ‘Shades’ Patterson (For the uninitiated, watch That Thing You Do)….and learn the butterfly stroke !

But as it turns out each of the bullet points in my list shot itself down leaving me with compulsive online courses, apartment hunting, traumatic trips to that ugly SBI building(Aka Babu paradise) in CP and other such adrenaline rush creating, soul refreshing stuff ! (Sarcasm weight = 1 ton) …Job-joining dates grossly strode over that Leh trip and the annoying 12 yr olds have taken over the pool..Making it warmer and yellower by the end of the day..Bah !

So much for the summer of 2010 !
In the words of Master Yoda

“Reality bites…such are”