You can hope for the best, and hope some more.
You can do good for your preoccupied self, hoping karma will be the judge, just inching to shower good fortune upon you.
The truth is that the universe and the larger scheme of things, do not care about your actions or thoughts. It’s all a manifested mind game played by prudes and clergymen to keep you on a path they deem right.
Life will be cruel, will be a bitch, will spit upon you every now and then, and not look back to give you a second chance. Time and circumstances won’t wait for your permission before lashing out it’s ways upon you. It’ll bite and it will sting and it will hurt an unbearable hurt.
Take a deep breath.

Look at the present. Look, you moron, look!
Look at your close connections. They are alive. They can be cared for and made to feel more alive. They can hear you and speak with you. Keep them close and take advantage of the present, for circumstance will show itself soon enough, and you will not have a second chance.
So live for others, while the others still live.