Protected: The walk of dread

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Social vegetabl-ism: Here we come!

“As we understand the reasons for the declines in social involvement, there will be implications for social policies and for the design of Internet technology”

This was clear from a study way back in ’98 itself.


Such social policies to attempt to reduce the negative impact of technology on emotional well-being, have still not really been implemented. The degree of online/mobile involvement is still only restricted to an individuals level of personal restraint.

As technology only seems to be growing exponentially, reaching more people – Especially kids growing up with no sense of living in a world sans technology over-involvement, the results of this growth upon emotional well-being can only become increasingly disastrous.

There really seems to be a strong need for common internet policies to protect the kids of the new millennia from becoming social vegetables- At least compared with the humans of the pre-internet age.

This old video, is still pretty awesome.