London & Google

I recently got to visit London for the first time, for work, and was not too surprised to find the city to be a massive pot of politics and culture, very well brewed together and presented through the sheek streets of SoHo, the royal brilliance of the Buckingham Palace, the hippie-ness of the Shoreditch Area, and so much more.

If, like me, you are an avid fan of movies like V for Vendetta, Clockwork Orange, Revolver or any of the Guy Ritchie movies; If you like the music from Radiohead, Oasis, Portishead, Aqualung or Cornershop – You would know really quickly that the UK is doing something very right, to be able to produce such an eclectic range of thought provoking music and cinema.

Also, of course, the british accent, with it’s amazing quirkiness adds a lot to the charm.

DSC_0281_good DSC_0136

DSC_0444-4 DSC_0202

The Google office in London was just absolutely spectacular as well. It felt like a preview for a future world – made of steel, wood, neon lights, indoor parks and jazzy artwork leaving no wall to spare.

IMG_20140510_164118~2 London & Google

Bloody well hope to visit this rainy, dark, culturally rich city for a longer period of time real soon.



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