Time-lapse video attempt.

Had been meaning to create a time-lapse  video for a while now. I finally got the equipment needed and made one today. The video quality is quite poor, but it was so awesome to finally create one.

The pictures are of the SF Bay Bridge and the cross street downstairs, from my apartment (taken indoors, perhaps also adding to the poor quality). It was a cold, yet sunny, Monday morning in the fag end of December.


The video contains a total of 440 images taken at 5 sec intervals and then stitched together with a background score I quickly made.

In case anyone out there is visiting this page, hope you like the attempt! Feel free to provide feedback and any tips you may have.


2 thoughts on “Time-lapse video attempt.

  1. image #2 = cameraception? i wannah make a timelapse too!, : how do you programme the camera to shoot at those intervals? (i know i know i could always run a web-search, but well, you work at google. so i’m asking you. same difference.)

  2. Haha, camera-ception indeed 🙂
    Yeah, you should definitely try making a time-lapse. Once you get the hang of it, there’s a lot of interesting things you could do.

    I used an instrument called ‘intervelometer’ that gets attached to the camera and takes pictures at the intervals that you want. You can buy one easily online for the whichever camera you have.

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