A little less than over a year ago I remember walking down the wet, puddle-ridden roads of a rain hit IIT Guwahati campus with a really good friend, at night having a conversation more strikingly philosophical than our usual verbal grind.

The irking thought that, I had no idea of what I’d be doing and where I’d be a few months from then, was running through my head like a pestering insect. I craved some predictability. Some strong sense of knowing. Some clue about what may lie ahead for a ‘Not-the-brightest’ student of this college.

The conversation was remarkably opposed by my friend who had everything that a person could ask for to have an overdose of predictability in her life !

Between that day and now, the unpredictable nature of life has just amazed me and has been the best thing ever !

Point of views change completely in just a few months. Such is the unpredictability of existence.  I love it …Simply because…I never thought of the possibility of things being unpredictably..Good !

Everything being predictable and laid before you, isn’t perhaps the best thing in the world after all, is it?