Social message ?! Really ?!

I generally don’t openly criticize the efforts of a few ‘good Samaritans’ who try to remind us every once in a while of the moral ethics that we ought not to forget.

But there’s been this YouTube video that has been doing the rounds over the past couple of months (in the favorites and ‘must watch’ section of some my friend’s orkut and facebook accounts) with the blatant aim of making us realize yet again that India has diversity in its economic structure (Duh !). They attempt to do this by inquiring among the different classes of people in New Delhi (I presume) , regarding how they would use a 500 Rupee note if they were given one on the spot.

The video aims to show how pathetically selfish, self centered and alarmingly nebulous in their social ethics some of the ‘upper middle class’ people of society are in India. This they try to portray through the girl who wished to spend the 500 bucks on a haircut…”how outrageous” (They attempt to say)…A haircut ?! This while India still has a ‘poor population’ struggling to get a meal a day?!

Also through the girl who wishes to get a new dress or the one who wishes to see movies (3 times at that) or the guy who wishes to eat out at some cool eating joint…Is this all so outrageous ?!

The video ends with the statement :


The thing is this video urges people to sit back and think for a while about the prevalent disparity and how we can help the impoverished. For THAT I think the video maker deserves credit…but his manner of portraying the same is almost enraging because of its underlying naiveness.

In my opinion, the most apt response this video has received on YouTube is :

“What a pretentious social message! It sounds completely pseudo- sympathetic and shallow. “

I personally would agree with the girl in the video who said she’d get her phone recharged ! I’d prolly do the same ! 🙂

While you’re at it, have a look at this 5 second video on YouTube that I saw at a quiz recently…Its been viewed by over 12 million people worldwide…The world’s most famous 5 second video !!!!  :O (What for is it SO famous is beyond me though ! )