I recently came across this new apply-for-membership based tech-celeb blog, so to speak, that has me hooked.

Essentially if you want to be a part of it, it seems like you would need to be a person who already has had your fair share of Y-Combinator experience or at the very least have created a world-changing tech product. (So essentially yes, not for the common-folk)

Regardless of it’s elitist ways, the site has me hooked. They say they strive to create great content, and they sure do.

A free-for-all platform like WordPress/tumblr is great to throw your ideas out there, but for a reader, distilling opinions and filtering the millions of viewpoints to get the ones that seem to be the most sane and by people with the most credibility gets to be really difficult.

We do have tech-mags with the occasional ‘Celebrity’ article, but those come at a subscription price that is so steep that more often than not, I stay clear of them.

I really feel that we are progressing towards a society that is more fearlessly, albeit incrementally, throwing away seemingly rigid boundaries, like paranoia over security of one’s belongings (AirBnB’s success?) or success-based-hierarchies. I feel such free-for-all to read opinion blogs like Svbtle, where some really smart and proven minds freely elucidate their opinions in a collective space is a good example of the latter (Breaking down success-based-hierarchies).

On the same lines, the entire open-source movement (OpenGL, Drupal, OpenCurriculum etc) also intuitively seems to be pointing in the right direction on most people’s moral compass now. I say ‘now’ because I am highly circumspect of the fact that 10-15 years ago the thought of having a powerful platform created by smart minds available free for all to use and develop, would not have gained much traction at all.

Svbtle might be providing great journalistic value for time for their readers on the face of it, but I do believe that by keeping such quality forums as being free for all, it adds to the mindset of a society not bound by the weights of egos, paranoia and selfishness. It’s all good!


Inching towards that ‘Free’ society